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Guiseley School Sixth Form Applications

Apply as an external applicant

Thanks for choosing to apply to Guiseley School Sixth Form.

Entry requirements
Students should achieve a minimum of five GCSEs Grade 4-9, this must include Maths and English Language or Literature. In addition, GCSE Grade 6 is desired in the subject areas chosen to study at A level, however, Grade 5 will be considered in certain circumstances. This will be considered on a case by case basis.

All courses are an offer only and we are unable to run classes where the number of students applying for the course is not viable. For this reason, students should consider their subject choices carefully and choose a reserve option, should one of their choices not be a viable class.

Apply as an External Applicant

Student Details

Parent/Carer Detail

Your Education

Current subjects and predicted grades

Please list all subjects you are currently studying. If a subject does not appear in the options, this can be added later during your guidance interview.


Please provide the contact details of a teacher who can provide you with a reference.

Subject Choices

Select the subjects you want to take in order of preference. Most students choose three subjects in Sixth Form, but some may choose four. All students should also choose a reserve subject, in case the subject combinations selected are not possible.
Only select if you want to take 4 subjects

Careers and Interests

Statutory Information

Please tick all of the statements that apply to you.


Thank you for completing your application. Your data will be processed in accordance with the school’s Privacy Policy and the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your data will be processed by Guiseley School for the purposes of your application and will be converted into a learner record at point of acceptance. By submitting, you agree to your data being processed by Guiseley School, and to us contacting your named referee and sharing your name and selected subjects for the purposes of obtaining an academic reference.